Visitors’ Opinions

Visitors’ Opinions

vergrößern Guestbook at the exhibition Guestbook at the exhibition (Bild: Hinz & Kunst) It is a nightmarish feeling to discover one’s own family in the documents after 65 years.

(Pit Goldschmidt, 18 February 2009)

Thank you for this exhibition. We’re looking forward to the memorial site.

(Christel and Wolfgang Reinhardt)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more about my ancestors and possibly my relatives. This knowledge fills my heart both with joy and sorrow. No one can reverse what was done in the past, but we must all help to make it better and to learn from our mistakes. Thank you very much.

(Anna, 29 March 2009)

Although a great number of facts about the persecution and murdering have been written about, the immediacy of the documents in the exhibition is unsettling. The present generation must find the large-scale, systematic organization of the deportations humiliating. Not just police stations, but the social and financial administrations were also actively involved. Under these circumstances the entire government service must have been in the know. I hope this exhibition stirs reflection in those who visit it.

(Name illegible)

The concept of this exhibition is wonderful. The “train cars” featuring the life stories of many different Jews make so clearly evident the number of people who were killed, and with them the many biographies. Thank you. Isn’t it ironic in an awful way that first we tried to annihilate the Jews and now we are now clamoring for information.

(Name illegible, 24 March 2009)

Finally an exhibition that commemorates Cinti and Roma and doesn’t treat them marginally. Thank you.

(Name illegible)